Nkandla Style [Featuring Psy Gangnam Style]

Merry Monday people!

Nkandla Style. Just let that sink in for a little bit. What comes to mind? Are you intrigued by that idea? Do you think it has anything to do with Psy? Are you thinking of the current scandal enveloping our President Jacob Zuma and the recent report that was unveiled recently? If you have not yet seen the video entitled “Nkandla Syle ft. Psy Gangnam Style Official Video” on YouTube, that is what must happen immediately. 

The video was posted by InProgress Entertainment, which is a company that produces applications for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone to promote other businesses through specialised applications and social networking. On the home page of their website, they claim to raise awareness of their clients’ businesses through even the less popular channels of promotion. Their other accounts on other social media networks (such as their Facebook and Twitter accounts) are almost exclusively dedicated to promotional stuff as well as the production of apps, just as their website states. I don’t know, I just found it a bit strange to find such a funny satirical parody on a channel like that which claims to concentrate on business promotions and apps for smartphones. The channel does not have any more parodies on it either, but a random clumping of unrelated videos, which deepens my confusion.  

Nonetheless, the song itself is quite genius. The song lyrics have been completely remade to fit the Nkandla scandal. The singer/songwriter is unknown. The description below the video simply states: “A pissed off South African has taken to a bit of humour to vent his anger…to mock Zuma”. I think I can safely say that he/she is not the only one feeling a little bit of animosity towards the way the President has handled the construction of Nkandla. Many people are angered by the baffling cost of the 246 million Rand homestead of Jacob Zuma, which consist of luxuries such as a fire pool, a chicken coop and a helipad (News 24). The general public do believe fraudulent behaviour has gone down. I mean, how can the President of the Republic of South Africa not know what was going on during the construction of his own house? Surely papers had to be signed? Surely he had to give the thumbs up on some things? 


The Zuma homestead, the infamous Nkandla.

Oh well, before we get into a heated discussion on the complex, controversial and constant drama eternally revolving around our government, let’s just enjoy the humour and wit in this beautiful mimicry presented to us on the world wide web.

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