Good day, kind fellow!

Welcome to my blog! I am delighted and excited to finally have somewhere to purge all of my pent-up feelings and opinion on what goes on in our world. And by “world” I am referring to the internet. Yes, you guessed it, this is the blog of a somewhat geeky individual who spends most of her time socialising with social networks (rather than actually being social). Mainly YouTube.

So, be prepared to consume the awesomeness that is my filtered distribution of all things weird, wacky and wonderful on the web. This blog is basically a way for you to catch up on the cool and entertaining news, like the latest tag challenges on YouTube, the funniest vines, and the craziest memes. I might introduce hidden musicians, sensational vloggers and hilarious tweets. Once in a while I might visit the real world and talk about serious issues (such as the Oscar Pistorius trial or the situation going on between Russia and Ukraine), but don’t worry; this won’t be recurrent.

Stay tuned for some shweet fun covered in awesome sauce!