It’s me again.

I am about to derail slightly from my usual post because I am overwhelmed with emotion.

I did not realise I harboured such a stupendous amount of luck, because within the past two days I have been recognised by two of my favourite YouTubers. Needless to say, I fainted both times.

This is newsworthy. These instances have affirmed my faith in YouTube culture and the community of YouTube celebrities. I have observed Twitter and the chances of getting a favourite and a retweet from your favourite celebrity, say Beyoncé (who has tweeted a total of 8 times but has 13,3 million followers) are low. I once followed her but unfollowed almost immediately as soon I followed because there was no indication that she interacted with her fans on Twitter. Now before all you #Beyhives -or #BeyGoods or whatever her fans are called- come at me with a cricket bat, it’s just an example and I’m only referring to Twitter.

My point is: it’s easier to be a fan of a YouTube celebrity because they are regular people (you can argue that Beyoncé is a regular person too, I won’t stop you) that inform you of how they’re feeling and favourite your sweet tweets and generally interact with you on a personal level (well, as personal as you can get on the internet).

Matthew Santoro, who was mentioned in my previous post, is the first YouTuber…


And Trisha Paytas is the second. She deserves a “YouTuber of the Week” post (although YouTuber of the Century is more appropriate), and I will get on that ASAP.



Matthew Santoro Replies!

Merry Monday!

This is going to be quick. I would just like to inform you all of the greatness that was bestown upon me Saturday night.

So in case you all didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Matthew Santoro. In fact I’ve seen all his videos and have unintentionally learnt how to mimic his cute Canadian accent.

Speaking of cute.

I mentioned him in a tweet on Saturday and, low and behold, he replies!

Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?

Is this not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?

Excuse me while I fangirl myself into a coma.
In fact this event has inspired me to do an official “YouTuber of the Week” starring him.

Stay tuned for that!

As always, stay fresh.

YouTuber of the Week: Emezie Okorafor

Hello people of the inter-webs!

This week’s Youtuber of the Week was found as I was crawling through the edges of YouTube, bored out of my mind having seen the final episode of season 3 of MPGiS (I’ll probably post a whole other blog solely dedicated to MPGiS). As I settled one of the Friday Fan videos of MPGiS, I looked to my right and saw a video entitled “Chubby Mermaid” and the thumbnail was indeed a chubby mermaid. And I clicked on it because: why not (also, because of my embarrassing hope to one day find out I am part mermaid… that’s not weird)? My boredom had reached a point where I could have watched anything.

Chubby Mermaid is the story of my life. Also: gummy bears.

And I fell utterly, shamelessly, completely in love. “Chubby Mermaid” is an authentic animation, drawn sincerely with a narrative that will make you question the purpose of reality, when there are so many fictional worlds that are a million times better. This video was like that first Pringle, after that one I couldn’t stop. I found more videos by the same channel which made me feel this way, namely the mini-series “Porkchop ‘N Flatscreen” which gained over 3 million views for the first episode.

Emezie Okorafor is the name of the YouTuber, and he is the Bruce Wayne to his fans’ Batman because his identity isn’t made clear unless you make the effort to find out. I can tell that his style of filmmaking is inspired by anime, games like Street Fighter and classical animation. There is are direct references to these influences in his videos: there was an episode where one of his main characters embodied one of the Sailor Moon characters; one of his music videos literally has Street Fighter playing in the background; and one of his characters is named Mouse and looks a bit like Mickey Mouse, there’s even an episode where Mouse is steering a boat and dancing the exact same way Mickey Mouse used to in the earlier black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Here are the lead female characters from left to right: Mai, Mi Na, Mouse (notice the pigtails, suspenders and gloves…remind you of anyone?) and Ayane.

Emezie Okorafor is extremely talented. He draws the animations and writes the narratives himself. He also writes and performs the music to all of the animations. This requires a lot of work, so unfortunately he does not upload episodes weekly, but they are all of good quality I assure you.

Not only is he talented, but he is film-literate. This animated show started off as a project that he had to do while he attended (attends? I’m not sure if he graduated or not) UCLA. I’m not sure if the project is still ongoing or whether he’s just doing this for fun now, but I’m glad he’s doing it.

Once again I have brought you marvellous content on YouTube you can hopefully appreciate and love as much as I do. Because I have pretty good taste.

He has his music up on iTunes and I believe he has his own game! Go check out the game as well as comics, portfolio and more at

As always, stay fresh.

Nerds Vs Geeks

Too many people are still unsure of the differences between nerds and geeks. I believe I have a somewhat clear understanding of what sets the two apart.

The video I am raving about this week is one that seems to help clear any confusions surrounding the topic. The video is “Epic Rap Battle: Nerd Vs Geek”. It was posted by Rhett & Link, the co-presenters of the YouTube show Good Mythical Morning. It hilariously places the two stereotyped labels against one another in rap form.

This rap battle tops all other rap battles!

Through the ridiculousness, we are able to see the characteristics of a geek and those of a nerd clearly. Rhett, who played the geek, claimed to have “brains and a personality”. Thus while the geek is intelligent, he/she is more at ease with social interactions and tends to relate with other people that are passionate about the same topics easily. This is not to say that they are exempt from social awkwardness.

Are you a geek or a nerd?

Geeks usually attach themselves to things like authors, television series, comics (for example), that they love and tend to obsess over them.

For example, a geek may love a certain show, let’s say a show like “The Most Popular Girls in School” (a show that is exclusively on YouTube).

The most awesome stop motion show ever!

Now, a typical geek would subscribe to that channel, like every video, watch all the spin offs and behind the scenes, might even buy the merchandise such as t-shirts online, and generally freak out whenever they meet someone who shares their uncontainable love for MPGiS. When they talk about the show, it’s like there is nothing more amazing on the planet. They’ve probably saved multiple wallpapers on their laptop of the cast of MPGiS. They might’ve tweeted the creators, Mark Cope and Carlo Moss, repeatedly and screeched like a banshee when she finally got a retweet from them. This geek might be me. But that’s besides the point. Basically, geeks are more in tune with pop culture and revel in their niches within that culture.

Nerds, on the other hand are the group of individuals of which society seems to have a clear understanding. They are immensely intelligent and, as Link says, “studious”. They are motivated by achieving goals that are more academically oriented. Nerds have a ceaseless hunger for gaining more knowledge and are typically apt at the sciences and math. Nerds are less socially comfortable and might spend their weekends playing Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, all I need to say is Sheldon Cooper and the term ‘nerd’ has been defined.

Here’s a little graph that might help you understand the distinct differences:


Hopefully, that has cleared up the confusion. Rhett & Link even went into more detail about the distinct differences between Geekdom and Nerddom in their video “Nerd Vs Geek: How To Tell The Difference“. Be sure to watch it as well as the epic rap battle because, well, it’s epic.

As always, stay fresh.


Hola a todos!

I have the strongest urge to write this entire feature in caps lock because my love for this week’s YouTuber of the Week is gargantuan.


Shane Dawson is an exact representation of my kind of humour.

This YouTuber is the closest to my heart because when I saw one of his videos for the first time, I hated it.I don’t even remember what the video was about, but I do remember feeling offended, disgusted and slightly irritated. In fact, I went on for a long time thinking he was part of Smosh, which alienated me from him even more. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of Smosh. So for a long time I avoided any suggestions by YouTube to watch his videos, until one day I stumbled upon a video of him collaborating with Tyler Oakley (another fave!). That’s when it clicked. I suddenly understood his humour, I understood his YouTube personality and I liked what I understood. It was just magic. The easy-going nature between the two also helped. Tyler seemed to get Shane’s eccentricity and vice versa.

Here’s the video that made me see the light and is honestly one of my favourite collab videos:

Shane Dawson is a revelation. Immediately I subscribed to his main channel, simply called Shane. It contains his vlogs, his collaborations, gaming videos song reviews, Ask Shane and more. His other two channels are ShaneDawsonTV and ShaneDawsonTV2. ShaneDawsonTV comprises of more daily vlogs, music video parodies, his mini web series called The Shananay Show, and even original music videos. His third channel, ShaneDawsonTV2 is mostly his Ask Shane series as well as some vlogs. He is incredibly talented and thus does many different types of videos including sketches, skits, podcasts, reviews, daily vlogs.

What I love most about Shane’s videos is that they’re never low-key. Everything he does and says is in your face. He is not afraid to shock you. He is not restricted by political correctness, in fact he almost seems to be against it. I encourage you to check his videos out because you will be amazed. Don’t worry if you’re taken aback at first, trust me I was not a fan at first, because he will grow on you until he is a part of your daily dose of YouTube and you won’t be able to fathom how you used to live without his videos.

As always, stay fresh.

Garfield’s Not the Only Talking Cat Out There

Happy Hump Day!

This is probably my zaniest YouTuber of the Week. I was meandering through Youtube, wandering the halls of beauty tutorials, humorous skits, dramatic vlogs, and weird videos about human doll-like creatures (yes, I made it into the “weird part” of YouTube once again) when I stumbled upon the greatness that is the Talking Kitty Cat series by SteveCash83 and my life suddenly had meaning.

Steve and Sylvester.

Let me break this down for you. The reason I have crowned Steve Cash as this week’s YouTuber of the Week is because of his hilarious home videos containing his pets. There’s Sylvester: the star of the show. He is a selfish, foul-mouthed spoilt brat who enjoys his wet cat food and loathes kittens. He is the most amazingly funny cat you will ever encounter, his snide comments and merciless jabs will leave you in stitches. Without him, the show wouldn’t exist. He really is that crucial. In the series, Steve has made it seem like Sylvester the kitty cat can speak English. This might sound crazy, but go check it out for yourself, it truly is hilarious. Obviously you know cats don’t talk but once you get lost in the narrative and understand the characters, you almost forget that talking cats don’t exist. The show really is that good. The other two characters are another cat named Gibson and a sweet black labrador named Shelby who, unlike her feline friends, is not able to speak English (’cause dogs can’t talk, duh). Steve does eventually create a collar that translates her thoughts so that we can understand her, and makes her sound a bit like a cheerful version of GLaDOS form Portal 2 (if you don’t get this reference, don’t worry; that probably means you have a life). Gibson is a paranoid kitty that is the newest addition to the family who Sylvester first hates (naturally) and doesn’t initially have the ability to speak. In fact, for a long time all he could say was “help” and “Todd”. I know, weird. You just have to watch the show because a lot of stuff I can tell you doesn’t do the show justice!

“Fuck off!” Sylvester isn’t pleased that Steve forgot to buy cat food yet again…

Steve Cash is a visionary. He is also a musician and has a few covers and original songs out there, which can be quite funny as well. As you can probably tell from the detailed description above, I am a huge fan of this guy. He started out back in 2007, but he hasn’t been uploading as much. No matter, he has a treasure trove of magical videos you can check out and enjoy. Trust me, it will be the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to you. You won’t get much work done until you’ve seen every episode of Talking Kitty Cat.

Sylvester will have you in tears! Must watch from episode 1!

As always, feel free to leave your comments below!

Nkandla Style [Featuring Psy Gangnam Style]

Merry Monday people!

Nkandla Style. Just let that sink in for a little bit. What comes to mind? Are you intrigued by that idea? Do you think it has anything to do with Psy? Are you thinking of the current scandal enveloping our President Jacob Zuma and the recent report that was unveiled recently? If you have not yet seen the video entitled “Nkandla Syle ft. Psy Gangnam Style Official Video” on YouTube, that is what must happen immediately. 

The video was posted by InProgress Entertainment, which is a company that produces applications for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone to promote other businesses through specialised applications and social networking. On the home page of their website, they claim to raise awareness of their clients’ businesses through even the less popular channels of promotion. Their other accounts on other social media networks (such as their Facebook and Twitter accounts) are almost exclusively dedicated to promotional stuff as well as the production of apps, just as their website states. I don’t know, I just found it a bit strange to find such a funny satirical parody on a channel like that which claims to concentrate on business promotions and apps for smartphones. The channel does not have any more parodies on it either, but a random clumping of unrelated videos, which deepens my confusion.  

Nonetheless, the song itself is quite genius. The song lyrics have been completely remade to fit the Nkandla scandal. The singer/songwriter is unknown. The description below the video simply states: “A pissed off South African has taken to a bit of humour to vent his anger…to mock Zuma”. I think I can safely say that he/she is not the only one feeling a little bit of animosity towards the way the President has handled the construction of Nkandla. Many people are angered by the baffling cost of the 246 million Rand homestead of Jacob Zuma, which consist of luxuries such as a fire pool, a chicken coop and a helipad (News 24). The general public do believe fraudulent behaviour has gone down. I mean, how can the President of the Republic of South Africa not know what was going on during the construction of his own house? Surely papers had to be signed? Surely he had to give the thumbs up on some things? 


The Zuma homestead, the infamous Nkandla.

Oh well, before we get into a heated discussion on the complex, controversial and constant drama eternally revolving around our government, let’s just enjoy the humour and wit in this beautiful mimicry presented to us on the world wide web.

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