It’s me again.

I am about to derail slightly from my usual post because I am overwhelmed with emotion.

I did not realise I harboured such a stupendous amount of luck, because within the past two days I have been recognised by two of my favourite YouTubers. Needless to say, I fainted both times.

This is newsworthy. These instances have affirmed my faith in YouTube culture and the community of YouTube celebrities. I have observed Twitter and the chances of getting a favourite and a retweet from your favourite celebrity, say Beyoncé (who has tweeted a total of 8 times but has 13,3 million followers) are low. I once followed her but unfollowed almost immediately as soon I followed because there was no indication that she interacted with her fans on Twitter. Now before all you #Beyhives -or #BeyGoods or whatever her fans are called- come at me with a cricket bat, it’s just an example and I’m only referring to Twitter.

My point is: it’s easier to be a fan of a YouTube celebrity because they are regular people (you can argue that Beyoncé is a regular person too, I won’t stop you) that inform you of how they’re feeling and favourite your sweet tweets and generally interact with you on a personal level (well, as personal as you can get on the internet).

Matthew Santoro, who was mentioned in my previous post, is the first YouTuber…


And Trisha Paytas is the second. She deserves a “YouTuber of the Week” post (although YouTuber of the Century is more appropriate), and I will get on that ASAP.



Matthew Santoro Replies!

Merry Monday!

This is going to be quick. I would just like to inform you all of the greatness that was bestown upon me Saturday night.

So in case you all didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Matthew Santoro. In fact I’ve seen all his videos and have unintentionally learnt how to mimic his cute Canadian accent.

Speaking of cute.

I mentioned him in a tweet on Saturday and, low and behold, he replies!

Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?

Is this not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?

Excuse me while I fangirl myself into a coma.
In fact this event has inspired me to do an official “YouTuber of the Week” starring him.

Stay tuned for that!

As always, stay fresh.